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tv   Good Morning Washington at 430  ABC  January 26, 2011 4:30am-5:00am EST

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see if a new era of civility makes a difference. >> a very inspirational speech. we want to leave you with early morning snow in the nation's capital. we know the president's doing touring of businesses. hopefully he b captioned by the national captioning institute liv and in hd. >> we will move forward or not at all. >> the new civility in conflict after the state of the union address. thank you for being here. >> where a client to have much more on that story in a few moments. what everyone is talking about, snow. much will we get? let history to your traffic and weather. >> pick there is some snow on
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the roadways. what is the deal? >> we do have some winter storm .arnings in effect cravaac get the graphics. the contiesin orange are advisement. the areas of white, that is the snow. we are seeing a mix of rain and snow in the pink area which does go through 95. in southern maryland, we have areas of rain. this is really just batch 1 of day two-part system.
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notice the low pressure system. off to the west, we have the upper levels. notice the action right now in parts of kentucky. that will probably strengthen and intensify and it does later this afternoon. that'll be the main part to this system. we should have enough cold air in place throughout the entire region. here is what we are expecting. a good overall that is 4 inches or 8 inches. further west, this is where we could see six or 10 inches of snow. this is our snow forecast. most of it is coming later this afternoon. it is slippery out there right now.
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>> i am glad to show everyone. off the traffic will certainly help us out. they always start with the major roads first. you are going to find a variety of things. you are going to find slush and wet pavement. the snow keeps coming down. it is building up between the lanes. be very careful. the life -- you may find it very slippery. it looks like they have seen a truck already. elsewhere, you are making your own lane markings are in now. a couple more cameras before i leave the profession we have some here. we will surely some of the raid major roads in virginia i think he did the idea.
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the very careful. this is just the beginning of a very long day. >> thank you. we will continue to check them. we will be tracking this all day long. we have live reports from the road in the next half hour. you can follow along online. >> we turn to our other big story. the second state and the union address. president obama laid out his plan during what was a one-of-a- kind address to congress. >> we have all of the highlights. dozens of lawmakers stood together to symbolically erase a divide. president obama said the stakes are higher than who wins the next election. >> we just had an election bur. the stake is whether the jobs
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take root in this country or elsewhere. i am proposing that starting this year we freeze annual domestic spending for the next five years burda >> he vowed to veto any bills with earmarks and offer a compromise on the healthcare law. >> if you have ideas of how to improve this law, i am eager to work with you. >> president obama made promises for two years. >> we hold to refuse convictions. spending cuts have to come first. >> one of the star of his statements came about gabrielle giffords president obama called for stability. >> this is part of something
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greater. it is bigger than party or political preference. >> they will spend the rest of the week traveling the country. he begins with a shirt to wisconsin later today. >> thank you best buy puts sony high-definition televisions on sale. >> we are live at the bloomberg headquarters in new york. good morning. >> wall street is reacting to president obama's state of the union. he embrace much of the business community's agenda, calling for congress. right now futures are higher. the federal reserve is wrapping up their first tuesday meeting of the year.
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-- their first two-day meeting of the year. if you are during a four super bowl sunday, best buy is rolling out a bill and a variety of sony televisions professor of more recall issues for toyota. the bulk of them are in japan. more are right here in america. check with us for details. i am reporting for abc 7 news. >> thank you burda the time is for 30 7:00 a.m.. it is 32 degrees. >> it families heartbreak and a call for change. a good samaritan turns a victim. >> another baby born on the side of a barrel and the highway.
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>> when the snow will really start to fall. >> when the snow will really start to fall.
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>> was taken on traffic and weather. the road seemed to be moving on the major roads. >> we do have a light snow in
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some areas. most will stop this afternoon. it lacks most of it will be later on tonight. below freezing be for snow to fall. nor do ground temperatures have to be ther.e the snow will cool that ground service and it will accumulate. nothing was accumulating on the ground. rhode temperatures or in the mid-30's. we are seeing that accumulation. right now of 34 degrees are reagan international. it is not a situation where we need to be watching this for t. this is where we will see snow
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for the brunt of the day. there will be the possibility of seven or 8 inches. locally, probably 4 inches or 8 inches. more people are hitting the highway. people are driving 75 about an hour or 2 miles an hour. the guy driving 2 miles an hour is going to have everyone frustrated behind. you are still falling to have to follow the tracks coming out of the neighborhood. these are rosette have seen the treatment trust canada -- roads that have seen in the treatment trucks. route four is closed . georgetown pike through great falls, a vehicle rolled over
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into the woods. the plow has stopped to assist the driver. people have a busy morning. >> this is just the beginning. thank you so much. it is 32 degrees. the time is 4:42. >> cleanup and repairs. crews are still trying to fix the broken thing. >> we will work together. it is not time to run. we will stand up.
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>> good morning. we are checking our top stories. there could be a rough trip to work and home later today. the worst may be yet to come. the d.c. area is under a winter watch. the storm moves out later tonight. we will keep you posted. president obama will repeat his message today in wisconsin. he will tour three factories in an area that will benefit from investment in innovation and infrastructure. the illinois supreme court says they will decide whether rahm emanuel can run for mayor of chicago. some say he did not live in
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chicago for a year before the election. hard to break for a local family. a call for change at the scene of his mysterious murder. william mitchell was shot and killed while on his way home from the theater. we have more from last night's emotional vigil. >> i have them passing this corner since 1967. it is an embarrassment to this community. >> he was walking home alone after attending a play with his mother. it was after 11:00 when a woman was being consulted. he stepped them. the assailant turned and shot him to death. >> that is the kind of person he was. quite the northwest intersection of north capitol street is being partially blamed. >> we are concerned about people
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hanging out here all day long doing nothing and proper lighting and security. >> businesses are also accompanied. >> thank you prada we will work together. >> before leaving this vigil, the three siblings left a lit candle. police met with community leaders and leaders on how to prevent a similar crime. >> we have an initial finding. we will start helping businesses here. what do restrictions after the massive main break in largo will stay in effect for one more day. crews are working to fix to broken sections of a 54 inch the main near central avenue and the
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beltway. people are still trying to clear the damage caused by the crushing wider. >> a man is accused of preventing a false identity to mark himself as a trainer and speaker. he was arrested yesterday at his home. he is charged with fraud for did the fbi says he also claimed to be a retired army colonel and an expert in counter-terrorism. he falsely claimed that his life "taired the move iie ken." a second girl who was injured in the fire and died yesterday authority of the day yesterday. if she was 13 years old. two other sisters were hurt. they believe it as accidental. john boehner will try to
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revive the district's school voucher program. he is said to introduce a bill that will provide money. for to provide money to religious schools. virginia lawmakers are considering a bill that would require physical education and public school. senators of yardy pass the measures. it would require school boards to adopt daily physical education problems for grades kindergarten through eighth grade. similar plan to be enacted in high school. it is 10 minutes before the hour now on a wednesday morning. outside the have 32 degrees. if what is behind the baby boom on the side in maryland highways? >> our first chance for some significant snow. we will have another look at traffi
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quacks' some areas of light snow and rain moving to our area. here is what we are expecting for 80 metro area. a minute this morning, a miss t.
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a little bit of a changeover of the route the morning. -- throughout the morning. that change factories fell. the heaviest action should be following this afternoon. here is what is happening right now. rain is south and southeast. this is part one of a two-part system. this will take on out of here. part numbers 2 comes in from the west. that to be the heaviest action. i'm thinking about four or 6 inches throughout the metro area. further out was, if they will see more snow. they will get 6 inches or 10 inches. > i would still be in bed if i did not have to. take your time.
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this is the way it is. let's start with the major roads. this is where they spread the chemicals first. then they start to work out in the neighborhoods. here are some of the back roads. they have not seen any tracks yet forgive me every member for northbound coming out of the chesapeake. foxhole road is now blocked with an accident south of nebraska ave. some one rolled off the highway. >> it is going to be busy. thank you. our time is 4:54.
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what is it about maryland highways? in one week, three babies were born on maryland roads. >> the latest was a anisette 97. the interstate 97. >> the baby is out. the baby is out. >> yesterday morning from a child was born on i-97, six days after another berth on another interstate. the father of a middle child spoke. >> we were there for a managed- care -- a minute.
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>> he helped deliver the baby from a dispatcher. >> the baby is coming out. i got it. i got it. i got him. i am holding a baby. >> they entered the -- they attribute it to coincidence. one had to do with the weather. >> where located between to hospitals and they counted. people are always in route to or from. >> yesterday, the baby was not breathing. >> is the baby is starting to cry? >> in a career that bears witness to so much pain and suffering, the opportunities to protect the


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